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What is it?

A unique 9-month graduate certificate program for energy students to bridge the gap between academia and the needs of the energy industry. The Ralph Lowe Energy Management Program is a graduate certificate program presenting an opportunity for students with a degree in any area to identify and develop professional energy industry skills through curriculum paths customized by experienced industry professionals. You will benefit from being able to respond to the most current and dynamic hiring demands from the energy business, increasing the attractiveness of graduates in the workforce, accelerating earning potential, and providing versatility and critical thinking skills.

Who is it for?

Students who have already earned a Bachelor’s degree and are seeking a career in the energy industry. This nine-month program focuses on converting students into energy professionals prepared to understand the industry of today and capable of developing energy solutions of tomorrow. Through mentorship and contemporary educational experiences with high expectations and standards, students are guided by industry-recognized experts and proven energy academics.

Who teaches it?

A variety of professional and academic experts in energy.

What graduate courses?

Courses include Energy in the 21st Century, Applied Subsurface Mapping, Oil & Gas Development, Global Geostrategy, Overview of Petroleum Engineering, Energy & Global Geostrategy, Energy Ethics and several energy field trips and customized onsite learning opportunities.


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